214 DESIGNS - Coming from a fashion and styling background I was often disappointed with lack of really unique and fun accessories for men. At the time with brands focusing on accessories for women I often found myself making things for friends and myself. So 214 Designs came from my want to have accessories that inspired and let men express themselves with fashion. Overtime the collection has evolved to include art type pieces, collaborative pieces, and more unisex pieces. Every piece is hand crafted and made to order from leathers, Studs, spikes, and anything I come across that just inspires me to create something from it.

Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged. I have found that some of my favorite pieces have come from collaborations and molding an idea bounced off eachother.  If you have a handed down piece, A garage sale find, a broken piece you love too much to throw out, or just a shelved idea of something you wanted, dust it off and let's bring it to life.